Korean BBQ in Fayetteville, NC

At our Korean BBQ, you can always find what you are looking for when it comes to delicious grilled Korean meat options. There is no shortage to the varieties of delicious food options you’ll be able to try when you make our Korean barbeque your place to eat tonight. Korean barbeque food consists of barbecued meats like beef, pork, or chicken, cooked over gas or charcoal grills right at your table! When you want truly unforgettable flavor, fast service, and a wholly new food experience, our Korean restaurant is the place to visit for dinner.

Our options don’t end there, however. We are dedicated to bringing you all the finest food options straight from the Asian continent. From Vietnamese pho, to Japanese sushi, we have it all. Liven up your evening with the finest examples of Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese delicacies!


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Hot Pot

In our chic dining environment, we supply you with a hot pot that is placed on an electric stove that is set right into your table. We get the pot boiling and then start bringing out your dishes. Drop the fresh food into the pot and chat with your friends as the delicious aroma floats around you and gets your mouth watering. Once your food is cooked to your preferences, get ready for all you can eat food experience. We’ll bring you food until you ask us to stop. Enjoy the comfort of a freshly cooked meal surrounded by the warmth of a hot pot as the scent of mouth watering Asian food fills the air. Don't forget to try our shabu shabu! This recipe of boiled meats and vegetables is sure to impress your taste buds.

We also have a buffet ready for you to dine on. Gorge on hibachi heated teriyaki or Korean BBQ food, while you enjoy valued company and our charming atmosphere. Grab a drink, grab some food, and find out what it is about Asian cuisine that has everyone in Fayetteville, NC talking!

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Everyone loves sushi! Inarguably among the most famous and popular of Asian foods, the flavors and varieties of sushi have captivated customers the world over for centuries, and when you drop by our Japanese restaurant, you will find only the finest examples of this delicacy. From the original California Roll to our custom made Osaka Roll, you will be able to experience flavors unlike any other. For both raw and cooked meals, your dishes are made with utmost attention and care.

For great-tasting sushi in the Fayetteville, NC area, visit Ohana International today! We have a variety of choices available from our menu. Our Asian restaurant serves the traditional Japanese food you crave. We never compromise on quality, which is why our chefs only use the freshest seafood ingredients. When you drop by Ohana International , you will have access to the finest Asian food specialties for miles around. Drop by and taste the difference yourself

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We are the premier pho restaurant for the most important reasons. Our chicken, beef, herbs and rice noodles are of the highest quality. All our dishes are made with passion and love, translating to a delectable dish that will melt your taste buds. Pho is becoming an increasingly popular food choice for hungry customers all over the world, and we are here to ensure it is brought to Fayetteville, NC.

Our chicken pho is served with dark meat, filled with flavor and stuffed with generous portions of food, and our beef brisket is simply to die for. In addition to our Japanese and Korean food options, we also serve as a delectable Vietnamese restaurant. At our restaurant, we want you to share with you our passion for Vietnamese cuisine. We know you will come away loving this type of food just as much as we do. For more information on all of our options, contact us at Ohana International in Fayetteville, NC today!


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